Outstanding Model and Talent Photography

Empire West Studios

Welcome to Empire West Studios (EWS), the outstanding Model & Talent Photography studio located in Tempe, AZ since 1995. We specialize in a non-contrived, action-packed, studio-based style called Performance Photography which focuses on movement and expression and provides our clients with the WOW factor edge that immediately separates them from the pack, gets them noticed, and, kick starts their careers in Fashion, Advertising, Music, TV, and Film. Clayton Hall, professional photographer in Phoenix, has over 30  years experience photographing and scouting top models and talent in the Fashion, Music, TV & Film Industries both in New York and Phoenix.

icon-1 Headshots

Empire West Studios is the area's top photographer for headshots for models and talent. We provide headshots for Fashion and Beauty, Commercial, TV and Film, in-character portrayal shoots, action shots, Montages, Twin Sets, Film Strips and more. All designed to make you standout from the competition. There is nothing even close to an Empire West Studios Headshot!

icon-2 Print Studio

All of our color printing uses the finest archival printing paper and ink. Both Color and B&W prints are done digitally to exacting standards from our in-house photography studio. The printing and colors are exquisite and are designed for use in our 9x12 Itoya Advantage archival portfolio cases with incredibly clear Polyglass pages.

icon-3 photo Editing

We make people look their best at Empire West! In all our work we strive for a natural look to the finished print. A high-resolution look that accentuates beauty and downplays distractions.

icon-6 Lifestyle/Editorial

Empire West shoots lifestyle and editorials for magazines, catalogues, lookbooks, and brands.

icon-4 Performance photography

As mentioned above, Performance Photography is our specialty at Empire West Studios. It helps you stand out from the competition and get noticed. Performance Photography showcases your ability to move and evoke real expression in front of the camera, impressing casting directors, modeling agencies and clients.

icon-5 Fashion/beauty

Empire West Studios shoots fashion and beauty for magazine covers and editorials, stylist and model/talent portfolios, designer look books, and client advertising.


Had so much fun!! Molly wants to know when she can do it again!" "I believe we are going with Go Talent Coast To Coast!" "Those pics went over great!" " The pictures were a hit. They were falling all over them, and no one had anything comparable!!" "Molly was just booked her first commercial!! She will be doing a commercial for University of Phoenix."


"To a phenomenal photographer and creative artist inspiration and talents took a raw motivated actress in the making to new heights. Clayton Hall, photographer and owner of Empire West Studios has the "Right Stuff" to make it all happen. The photo shoot I experienced was exhilarating and lasted the whole day, but yet a process I would do over and over again to get the adrenaline rush and excitement I felt while Clayton created and sculpted my three looks for commercial, hipster, and drama/glamour. From beginning to end, Clayton's team of professionals were top notch. Many thanks to Barabra Muller, hair and makeup artist and creative director; Barney, Killian, and DK for photography support.The looks we created together were impressive and current to the film industry market. My portfolio reflects Clayton's creativity and artistic talents which I've not seen in other studios. I highly recommend Clayton and his team to anyone seeking an opportunity in modeling or acting!! Many thanks for a fantastic photo shoot!!"


"My portfolio blows everybody away! They like my face painting, they love the models - but they are BLOWN AWAY by your photography! Everybody LOVES YOUR ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY!! They are blown away by the richness of colors, the depth of the colors and the clarity of the photos. What kind of camera is he using? His work is amazing! OMG! Before I left for Portland Oregon, end of June, I had a face and body painting class with Pashur. I showed him the portfolio you gave me and he LOVED your photography too! He works with a photographer in Las Vegas, but he said your photos are incredibly RICH and Striking. He said you would make anyone's artwork classy and he hopes I appreciate co-working with another artist such as yourself. I want you to know, I DO appreciate working with you! Your photography is what makes my work come alive. After the model washes it off, the face painting still exists because of Clayton Hall, Photographer Extraordinaire!"