Empire West Studios is Looking for Fashion Photography Interns

Compensation: One-On-One Experience, Studio Privileges, Letter of Recommendation, Built-In Shoot Assistance

Employment type: Part-time Internship

Empire West Studios, Inc. (EWS)., specializing in Fashion & Beauty and Model & Talent Photography, is always on the lookout for outstanding photographic talent with a passion for shooting People regarding our Photography Internship Program. EWS is considered by many to be one of the best Model & Talent Photography studios in the nation and our recommendations have helped many of our top interns to kick start their careers, secure photography jobs, grants and prizes.

Prospective Photography Interns should be serious about a career in photography and interested in learning to shoot FASHION & BEAUTY, PORTRAIT, MODEL & TALENT and/or PEOPLE. We do not specialize in Landscape or Still Life Photography at EWS. Successful intern candidates should have a strong PEOPLE oriented student portfolio, Photoshop experience as well as a minimum of a full year left in school or be planning to live in the area for at least a year from the start of their internship. EWS Interns should have a strong work ethic, a pleasant professional demeanor, be punctual, have a reliable car and have afternoon availability at least three days per week. Building a professional portfolio is a major benefit of the internship. After six months interns receive studio privileges to build their portfolios and after one year they will receive a EWS Letter of Recommendation to assist them with future job opportunities. Also, having one-on-one guidance from the photographer as well as assistance from our other interns on photo shoots is certainly a plus.

Unlike a college course, EWS does not require tuition from its interns for the wealth of first hand information and experience they receive while in the studio. However, our internships are work-for-knowledge internships and it is highly recommended that all prospective interns have a source of income, part time job, etc., in order to cover their living and commuting expenses. These internships are for one year minimum. In addition to the above, you’ll need a portable computer like a lap top or an IMAC, with Photoshop installed. If you are interested in an Empire West Studios’ Photography Internship contact me ASAP. To get started, please email me your detailed COVER LETTER, explaining why we should hire you and what you think you can do for us, PHOTOGRAPHIC RESUME, explaining your skill sets, and a link to your ONLINE PORTFOLIO “PEOPLE” SAMPLES. So if you think this opportunity is for you contact me TODAY!!! -Clayton Hall