Empire West Success Stories

Alexa Mooney, actress/model, Deborah Maddox Agency

Alexa Wood, child model/actress, Signature

Ana Maria Lombo, recording artist, Eden’s Crush, Pazport

Ashley Chambers, model, Signature

Barbara Elaine Muller, actress/model, SAG, Cher Look-a-Like

Barbara Laskin , anchor, Fox 10 O’Clock News, NY

Beck Arvidson , contract model, Ralph Lauren Safari Perfume

Betsy Newman , teen actress, Suzanne Schachter, NY

Brittany Julian , National American Royal Junior Miss for 2010-11, The American Royal Miss Pageant in Tempe, AZ, won for beauty and talent.

Bruce Hulse , model, GQ Coverman

Chianti Zerner, model/actress, Deborah Maddox Agency, Dean Diaz, commercial print model, Dani’s Agency.

Cindy Piccoli, reporter, Fox 10 O’Clock News

Deane Diaz, actor/commercial model, Dani’s Agency

DO-P , recording artist, Will I Be Heard?

Dale Midkiff , actor/model, Elite, NY, Time Cop, Dreamstreet

Danny Folquet , hostess, PM Magazine

Dave Johnson , actor, Dani’s Agency

Felicia Lombo , recording artist

Grant St Clair, actor/model, Signature Model & Talent Agency

Heather Duckworth , actress/dancer, Herberger Theater

Hunter Slade Olson , teen actor, AEF Talent, Los Angeles

J.D. Simo , recording artist, Burnin’ Live

Jamie Stapley , model, Leighton Agency

Jan Hubert, actor, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe , photojournalist, Talk Show Hostess, Mrs. Arthur Ashe

Jennifer Michaels , model, Signature

Jill Goodacre , model, Elite, NY, Victoria’s Secret, Mrs. Harry Connick Jr

Jim Caldwell , actor/host, PM Magazine

John Shudde , teen actor, Best Overall Male Actor Award, MB Model & Talent Expos, Bobbi Ball, Legends, Elite LA

Justice Haque , Actor/Commedienne, Ford Robert Black Agency, Scottsdale, AZ

Kaynin Richardson , Comedian, Richard De La Font Agency, Inc., All My Children, .The Jenny Jones Show, Evening at the Improv, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Funniest Actor in New York Award for 1997.

Keely Smith , model/actress, Wilhelmina, NY, Mrs. Pierce Brosnan

Kiki Peterson , actress, host, PM Magazine

Kim Delaney , actress/model, Wilhelmina, NY, NYPD Blue

Lauren Clark , child model, The Leighton Agency

Linda Sue , recording artist, Fuel This Fire

Lynne White , reporter, host, Fox Broadcasting

Marco Antonio , recording artist, hoy!

Mario Van Peebles , actor/director/model, Elite, NY, New Jack City, Sonny Spoon, Badassss!!!

Michele Burton , model, Wilhelmina, NY

Michelle Quint , model, Ford/Robert Black

Mike Eubanks , actor, The Acme Agency, HBO Series “Unscripted” (George Clooney, Producer), Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)

Molinee Martillini , actress/model, Leighton Agency, Fear Factor

Molly Joy Israel , child model, actor, song & dance; Agent-Coast to Coast Talent, LA, Personal Management-Go Talent, LA

Nancy Glass , anchor, American Journal

Richard Alexander , actor, The Bloc Agency, Brooklyn Love, The Minis with Dennis Rodman, First Sunday with Ice Cube, Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Mila Kunis, Entourage, Grey’s Anatomy, Kumi Koda Video

Robert Byrnes , actor/model, Deborah Maddox Agency, Scottsdale Art Furniture commercial, Micro Touch Massage, Inc., Starmaker

Sara DeNorch , model/actor, The Leighton Agency

Shalom Lombo , recording artist/model, Pazport

Taryen Hooper, actress/model Deborah Maddox Agency

Taylete Luna, actor, Dani’s Agency.

Tom Freet, model/actor, Dani’s Agency

Tony Bennett, vocalist, recording artist, fine artist (painter), Duets with Lady Gaga, Tour of Astoria, Queens for WNEW, NY Radio

Wende Allen , model, AZ Models & Promotions