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We have put together a list of our favorite resources we like to recommend to our clients. This list is made of tools and information that we have found useful in the past, and would like to pass on! Feel free to contact us for more information about each of these links, and why we recommend them!

National Geographic Photography Tips

For any person looking for tips on outdoor and nature photography, the National Geographic is a great resource. They provide in-depth articles on how to shoot in certain types of light, and how to accentuate the features of your target using lighting and camera tricks.

Canva Picture Editor

We always talk to aspiring photographers who ask us questions about editing pictures and accomplishing a unique style. If you can’t afford professional editing software, we have a simple design tool that we like to use. Canva is a great on-the-go editor if you enjoy using your phone to take pictures and want to take them to the next level. With tons of premade designs and templates, getting great edits it’s easy!

Nature Photographers Network

Anyone who is interested in nature and outdoor photography should explore the Nature Photographers Network website to learn more about galleries and forums focused on nature photography.

SEO for Professional Photographers

Professional photographers need ways to bring in more customers for headshots, portfolios, and events. If you are a looking for a search engine optimization for photographers to help increase your leads, SEO Hermit is a perfect option! From social media management to technical on-page optimization, they will be sure to meet all your marketing needs.