Below is a step-by-step process of how we work –from how we procure talent to the detailed process that we undergo when producing your shoot so that you get the best possible outcome. From styling to your marketing materials, we have you covered. We call this, the Empire West Studios (EWS) Working Method.


We find our clients through our website, www.EmpireWestStudios.com, advertising, public relations, word of mouth and by scouting. If you happen to be scouted by us at a local mall or even on the street it would be wise to follow up by phone and come in for a free consultation. Eighty percent of the individuals we scout and who then become EWS clients, go on to procure representation and the promise of a new career. However, if you see our website or hear about us, please give us a call at 480-303-9359. Don’t Just Think About It, GET YOUR CAREER STARTED NOW!


From the moment that you walk into Empire West Studios our attention is focused on your success! We get to meet you, find out what your goals are, give you an accurate assessment of your qualifications, review possible markets for your look or talent, show you samples of our work, discuss up to three possible looks for you and go over pricing for your photo shoot. We shoot 40 megapixel 16 bit, medium format digital capture tethered to a 27″ iMac computer–the ultimate for magazine quality photography.


Once all of your questions have been answered and you decide to book a shoot with us, a deposit towards your shooting fee and expenses is due. We accept Visa, MC, check or cash. At that point, we’ll provide you with in-depth ideas for your fashion looks and arrange a styling date as well as the date for your photo shoot.


After you’ve put together the basic outfits according to the looks that we’ve discussed, you’ll get to do your own private fashion show…for us! This is how we fine tune the looks. It may take a few styling sessions before they’re perfected. But there’s a side benefit. By the end of the styling sessions we’ve become great buddies and that makes great photos! When we’ve signed off on all your looks your outfits are ready! No running around the last minute looking for clothes and then just stuffing everything into a suitcase all wrinkled and haphazard. The morning of your shoot just pickup your clothes bag with everything ready to go, have a leisurely breakfast and arrive at the studio, on time, refreshed and ready to be photographed. No reason to spend a lot of money on expensive clothes either. We’ll give you all the details. Oh, one more thing, everyone gets a surprise HOMEWORK assignment to do prior to the shoot!


We start hair & make-up promptly at 11 AM the day of your shoot. Therefore, it’s important to be on time. Before we begin the day, the balance of your shooting fee and expenses is due. Then the fun begins! Many different types of shots will be made from each look–from beauty close-ups and head shots to full length so there is always a wealth of photographic art to choose from.

It is also important to understand that only you can supply the energy and performance required to make a look come alive. Your ability to draw upon your inner emotions, plus your ability to be spontaneous, playful and inventive are the four keys that unlock the door to successful photographs.

. But, not to worry…this will all be explained to you and you’ll have time to practice. However, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. No standing still on the job at Empire West Studios!


As a prospective model and/or talent, you must separate yourself from the crowd in order to secure representation and to book work and the first place to start is with a stunning portfolio of photographs. Your book will need…what I like to call…the WOW FACTOR! This is achieved primarily through a discipline we call “Performance Photography” which is the exact opposite of posing like a statue. It is, in essence, a performance by the model or talent for the photographer. Typically, it is non stop action which can be either slow or fast, on or off the floor or ground that makes for a spontaneous, non-contrived photograph. Since few would-be or even professional models have been taught how to do this, it is really a breath of fresh air when industry pros see a portfolio of pictures that literally jump right off the page at them. This shows that you reeeeeally have talent and can work free and loose in a professional environment in front of cast and crew.

There are also different levels of Performance Photography. If you’re doing a headshot for example, a simple, real expression can be a performance. Of course, anyone can just stand up, lean on a tree, sit on a couch or lay on a bed which account for the vast majority of fashion shots these days. But how many can be captured perfectly flying through the air, clothes and hair defying gravity, gorgeous make-up punctuated by a beautiful smile all on a piece of seamless studio paper about 9ft. wide in about a five foot working space? Not many…and veteran agents and clients realize this immediately when looking at your book. Performance Photography done on a piece of background paper in a studio setting is the ultimate test of a model and talent and, if “performed” correctly, will capture the attention every time over all other types of photography. Performance Photography is what we do here at Empire West Studios… so get ready to fly!


Approximately a week after your photo shoot we will get back together and review the take. This requires time and concentration and is quite an extraordinary event if you’ve never seen yourself photographed on medium format capture before. All proofs are pre-edited by us as a guide but it is essential to get your input as well. You should allow approximately four hours for this session. Once we agree on the edited selection necessary to achieve your career objectives, your print order is complete. Payment for your print order and image editing fees is due at this time.

Image editing

We make people look their best at Empire West!!! In all our work we strive for a natural look to the finished print. A look that accentuates beauty and downplays distractions. Great care is taken with lighting during the shoot, however, due to the incredible detail that is conveyed to the imagery using our medium format digital camera and lenses as well as the fact that corresponding medium format chips  are approximately three times the size of 35mm. Image editing and print enhancement  are a major part of the post production process here at Empire West Studios and both B&W and color are done in-house.  The retouched files are then printed in-house to archival museum quality standards and sized for our custom portfolio books. This process results in prints of stunning color, clarity and beauty that could go right into a magazine! That’s the idea as you’ll see…


Once you’ve received your new portfolio, you’ll also receive The EWS Model & Talent Contact Sheet which is a complete local and national listing of key contacts to further your modeling and talent skills and to get your career started. Everything from the top local agencies, casting directors, audition hotlines, acting coaches, theatre companies, kid’s agencies, casting web sites, casting and film industry news, how to get extra work, local sound stages, portfolio and marketing needs, SAG info, nationwide roommate finder and housing info, and much more.



Upon the completion and receipt of your (3-look) portfolio, your photos may be selected for inclusion in our www.EmpireWestStudios.com Photo Gallery based on their marketability and impressiveness. If this is the case, you will be notified first hand! This is quite an opportunity!  Our web site and gallery as well as EWS emailed photos are used by our clients to market themselves to our supplied listing of up-to-date top industry contacts.


Once all of your questions have been answered and you decide to book a shoot with us, a deposit towards your shooting fee and expenses is due. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Money Order, Check or Cash. At that point, we’ll provide you with in-depth ideas for your fashion looks and arrange a styling date as well as the date for your photo shoot.

OK…You know you want it! You know you’re ready! So what are you waiting for?
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