Chandler Model Photography

At Empire West, our modeling photographers create unique and compelling portfolios through the use of “Performance Photography.”

Most Chandler model photographers traffic in traditional styles of shooting that result in less than compelling portfolios. At Empire West Studios, our photographers specialize in a studio-based shooting style called performance photography that is all about teaching spontaneous movement and expression. Whether a client is looking to expand their modeling portfolio or get commercial headshots taken, performance photography is a great way of teaching natural body movement and facial expressions that are vital to succeeding in modeling and acting. The end result is portfolios that reveal the essence of each client in a unique and attention-grabbing way.

The Chandler fashion photographers at Empire West Studios can help train you in a variety of areas, including:

  • Spontaneous movement
  • Natural movement and expressions
  • Creating aesthetically pleasing angles
  • Techniques to achieve specific expressions

Empire West Studios will show you the best way to move in order to bring out your own unique creativity. Talent photography isn’t about looking exactly like everyone else, it’s about bringing your unique set of traits to the table so that you can stand out in your headshots, modeling portfolio or to potential agents and casting directors. With the help of Empire West you will be able to create a portfolio full of unique photos that don’t look staged or posed. We’ll help you break free from the pack in a way other Chandler modeling photographers simply can’t.

Empire West Studios has helped hundreds of clients that were looking to learn more about how to become a model or actor, and we can help you, too! For more information on photo shoots, commercial headshots, or talent photography, call us today at 480-303-9359.